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Welcome to The GrapeVine

Post by Admin on Sat Mar 28, 2015 12:51 am

Why the Grapevine ?
Because the church is now God's Vineyard. Jesus said that he is waiting for the precious fruit of the earth.  We are co-laborers together with Him.  We have a responsibility to tend to God's vineyard.

What's the Purpose ?
To provide a place for an idea exchange and to foster fellowship among North Brevard, Florida area Christians for the purpose of the growth of the local body of Christ

Why is this needed?
Because there is a lack of growth in the church, both in personal maturity and in numerical increase.  Churches need one another, because we as individuals need one another.  We need the fellowship, accountability and exchange of ideas.

Among many Christians there is a gross neglect of some of the most important aspects of Christian Growth and maturity:  Christian Fellowship,  Accountability and Evangelism.   Some churches do not provide the opportunities for fellowship and outreach.  Some christians are too isolated from other christians and from the world.  They are neither influenced nor an influencer.  Some are coals, charred and burning-out because they are not mixing with other coals to keep them hot.  Some have become tolerant of the world and entertain its ways because of their boredom and lack of participation in Christian fellowship.  Discontented they sin out of boredom.

Growth is God's Plan
Personal Growth and maturity is hindred for believers that do not have ongoing communication and accountability with other christians. We are commanded in scripture to fellowship.  Listening to a sermon on Sunday or Wednesday is NOT fellowship.  We are also commanded to make disiciples, not merely converts.  Discipleship requires fellowship.  

"But, our church has fellowship groups"
Great,  But how do people that already attend another church have access to your fellowship groups ?  They are not going to call or attend your church to find out about them.  They have a home church.  What they need is fellowship ? What is your church doing to make your fellowship groups accessible to those beyond your church walls ?

"We advertise our cell groups on our website"
If you do not have dates, times and locations for your fellowship meetings, then they are NOT accessible by the general public.  They are only accessible to those that darken the door of your church.  I have yet to find a Titusville Area Church website that provides a schedule and location of meetings outside their church building.  They
may mention that they have fellowship groups, but do not disclose enough information for somone not already in their church to find and attend their fellowship groups.

People are looking for non-threatening access
Your church website should be the new door to your church.  A church website is NOT for advertising but for developing a relationship for potential members.  People want to feel safe and comfortable when getting to know about your ministry, and developing relationships with new people.  Your website should help them to do just that.  To help others meet your people, they need non-treatening access,  which means meeting your people at homes, coffee shops, restaurants, beaches, and bowling alleys. Such places need to become church doors,  but they can not if you don't advertise dates, times and places outside of your church bulletin, or only in reponse to an email request.

Without a Vision, a plan and a purpose, a church will not grow
Is your church in danger of closing its doors ? Without a plan, it will not grow.  The purpose of this site is to share information and resources on church growth, fellowship groups,  and the use of technology to help Northe Brevard churches grow.


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