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Distribution of CD's, Testimony-books - Step By Step Ministries

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StepbyStep.org provides Tracts, CD's, and Testimony short-story books for distribution by local churches. StepbyStep.org is a source for information on Christian testimonies, Christian witness, tracts, missions, salvation, church outreach, evangelism ideas, tools, and training.

CD Distribution Ministry

Distribution of FREE CDs -  Providing Free CD's to the community to share the good news of the gospel.    Jim Barbarosa' ministry (StepbyStep.org), provides a Free Evangelism Pack , including non-copyrighted CD's for  distribution    to ministrys requesting the CD's. Watch his video Imparting the Vision to Develop A CD outreach for ideas about developing this ministry to our community.  If you are interested in helping with this effort, contact Jim and Carla Barbarossa at (219) 762-7589.  Step By Step World Outreach Ministries,   produced 6 outreach CD’s plus an instructional DVD, “Faith Building Moments” on the use of the CD’s. Step By Step makes the 6 outreach CD masters and the faith building moments DVD master available at no cost; FREE to any church or ministry that will use them to equip the saints to share Jesus Christ with the lost.  It will take some leadership to get this going and keep it going.

 The instructional DVD, “Faith Building Moments", included in the set includes 14 short exhortations designed for PowerPoint use to build the faith of Christians to believe God can use them to reach the lost through the distribution of CD's as outreach tools.

The 14 short messages touch on topics like:

  • How to reach a neighbor with a CD
  • How to reach a family member with a CD
  • How to reach a co-worker with a CD
  • How to reach a friend with a CD
  • How to use CD's in everyday life everywhere you go
  • How to place CD displays in area businesses

In most of the short messages, Step-by-step shares a story of an actual person that was saved through the use of CD's as outreach tools.

This method of reaching the lost using CD's as outreach tools has been proven over and over again.

Any church can do this. Any ministry can do this. Any person can do this. It works; faith does come by hearing and hearing does come by the Word of God on CD's!!!!!

Christian Testimonies

A free Real-Life Stories Package is also available.  Testimonies stories can be placed in waiting rooms at the doctor's or dentist's office,  or at mechanic's waiting rooms,anywhere that you might typically find casual reading material for a company's patrons while they wait.


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