Church Growth Comes through community involvement, NOT church activity.

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Church Growth Comes through community involvement, NOT church activity.

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 31, 2015 12:48 pm

While we examine and prayerfully consider ideas for us as a church body to foster church growth, consider this:

1 Church growth comes from community involvement not church activity within its walls.

Scripture show us this precedence ( Acts 6:1-7) The fish are in the community. Bringing the church to them by serving among them is more effective than trying to bring them to the church by church activity. Creating too much activity in the church building can keep believers active in the building, instead of active in the community.

Find a need in the community and fill it.
Ex. One small church grew when they found that the city needed some expensive equipment for their fire department. They used their building fund to buy it. Their benevolence drew many into that church.

2- A simple idea with everyone doing their part may be more effective and productive than attempting many or complex ideas.

Getting a strong majority of the church involved, having their roles well defined and committed to is vital. None of use are lone rangers. We need each other. The local church as a whole needs to be seen in unity in faith and action.

Using few resources to accomplish one task is more effective than spreading your resources out thin.
Consider Ray Krock's Example

Ray Krock built McDonalds Restaurants franchise initially offering a simple menu. He built building after building of McDonald franchises with only a 5-menu offering. He kept his service simple. Only after McDonalds became a household name did he expand his menu beyond 5 items


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